When you put down food for your dog, the chances are that you wonder just what it contains and how it is made. Some are formed into simple balls all of one color; others are multicolored and are cut into elaborate shapes like fish or chicken. So, what processed are used to ensure that all pieces are identical? And just what areThe manufacturers putting in your dog foods to ensure that it lasts for weeks after being opened. In this article, we are going to learn about the manufacturing of dry kibble, and The makeup of dog food. 

The Ingredients

When you are out shopping for dog food, either in a supermarket or a pet store, you will be confronted by dozens of brands to choose from. Each one of these products has a recipe that has been thought up by the pet company. This recipe that is provided by the company is given to an animal products manufacturer. Here the ingredients in the recipe are mixed together, baked, and then bagged up, ready for sale.

Each brand has its own recipe, and This is evident by reading The information on the different bags in the pet aisle. However, the dog food you find must adhere to standards. These standards are set down by The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials.) It doesn’t matter whether you choose an expensive brand or a savers brand in plain packaging. All dog foods must be complete and balanced nutritionally so that the kibble in question meets the needs of the pet it is destined for. 

Your dog food will include a protein that is sourced from chicken, beef, or eggs. You will also find amongst The ingredients vitamins, cereals, minerals, grains, and antioxidants. These ingredients are all brought together and then pulverized. This makes a dough that is consistent, and that can then be cooked.

Extrusion Process

Dry dog food has been made commercial since The early 1800s, although it has been reported that dog biscuits were actually around in Roman times. The modern-day process for making dog biscuits is carried out by one of two methods; baking or extruding. Machines that are used for extrusion were first invented for making puffed breakfast cereals such as coco pops. These same machines, however, are incredibly effective for making large quantities of shelf-stable dry pet food.

To start with, you have The mix that we talked about before. This is a variety of dry and wet ingredients that are brought together to make a dough that is then fed into a machine known as an expander. The expander uses pressurized steam or hot water in order to cook the ingredients. The expander allows for extreme pressure and temperature, and once cooked, the dough is forced out through specially shaped holes. This is known as extrusion and is carried out while the dough is compacted from The high pressure. If it is not carried out under high pressure, The pieces will puff up.

Drying Stage

The dough pieces that are extruded under pressure are then passed down through a dryer to extract any remaining moisture. The result is kibble, dough that has been transformed into dog food. At this stage, added ingredients are sprayed onto The dough. These include minerals, vitamins, and oils. Once The added extras have been sprayed on, The packages are sealed.

Essential added ingredients at this stage include Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally present in meat, but that is lost during the manufacturing process. Taurine is extremely important for house animals that cannot go out and hunt for fresh meat, or indeed for dogs that live in urban and concrete areas where there are limited green spaces. 

When a dog lacks Taurine in his diet, he may suffer from heart disease and blindness. For this reason, one of the most important ingredients that should be present in all dry dog food is This essential amino acid.

Lastly, it is important to note that the more expensive brands of kibble are not always The best choice or indeed the healthiest. A quick look down the list of ingredients of your pet food will ensure you find out what is present and in what quantities. A cheaper brand of dog may have more filling grains and less protein content. But, just because all the pieces are brown and The same color in a cheap brand does not mean it is any less nutritious than fancy colored fishes or chicken-shaped bits.